For two days straight, I’ve been visiting Maxwell Chambers for lunch. Earlier yesterday I visited this place called Clay Abode for Claypot Rice. It was…….okay. Decently priced for the lunch set meal. Today, I went with Ms Humble to this outlet called Funan Weng Ipoh Ho Fun. It wasn’t too bad. Better than Clay Abode. It was good that I stepped out to meet her earlier because by the time we finished, there was a queue waiting for a seat! πŸ™‚ Something seemed missing from the Ipoh Ho Fun, I can’t quite pin-point. Eitherways, the portions are huge (not to mention the restaurant was very generous with the ingredients) and the prawn dumpling was bursting from the sides!!! Ms Humble and I agreed that we should have just ordered one meal because both of us couldn’t finish our meals! πŸ˜› Anyway this Maxwell Chambers seem like a decent place to visit because there’s quite a bit to eat. Even if you have no space, there’s so much food all around that area anyway! So do check out MC as it’s just newly opened (I heard):

32 Maxwell Road
Singapore 069115

End note: You can forget about trying the tea in Zaffran Restaurant thought because it….is….so….sweet. I haven’t tried the food there but I’m not really a fan of Indian so there!